International Patients

Global Patients IVF Service Office

Simplifying your journey to parenthood by providing you with a single-point of contact

Here at IVF Centre @ Medini, we are guided by a single philosophy: To provide not only high quality medical care, but also to touch the hearts of our patients with sincerity and dedication to their care. To achieve this philosophy, our professional and friendly staff has been trained to listen intuitively to all your needs, starting from your initial enquiries, scheduling of appointments with our specialists, up to your departure and follow-up medical care.

It is for the purpose of making it convenient for you to see our specialists that we have created our Global Patients IVF Service Office.

Why Travel To Our Global Patients IVF Service Office

Our Global Patients IVF Service Office is open to all patients in Asia who desire to have a baby. We take pride in being at the forefront of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) in Southeast Asia with our medical team and leading edge equipment to provide total and holistic fertility treatments here.

Every facility for our fertility treatments are located in one centre, so you are not inconvenienced by travelling from our centre to a hospital where the procedure will be performed in different addresses. In addition, our centres both have the facilities for egg retrieval, embryo culture and transfer, as well as for fertility assessments and diagnostic laparoscopy within the same building.

All of these services are offered in a relaxed and serene environment which you will experience upon going through the doors of our centres. Add to this relaxing ambience, the warmth and kindness of our nurses, staff and specialists who are ready and dedicated to providing you with care and emotional support. Rest assured, we promise you TOTAL PRIVACY AND STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY.

While undergoing treatment, you can also take the time to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Malaysia as well as have access to all the modern amenities. We will take care of all the necessary arrangements for you – from your hotel accommodation to an exclusive limo service.

Essentially, we are offering you high quality care, both pre- and post-treatment.

Our Concierge Services

  • Accommodation
  • Medical Appointment Booking
  • Assistance with Hospital Admission
  • Financial Counselling
  • Evacuation & Repatriation Assistance
  • Language Interpretation
  • Transport (including airport transfers, ground ambulance, etc)
  • Travel-Related Assistance
  • Visa Extension
  • Other Services Upon Request

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