Patient’s Rights & Responsibilities

Here at IVF Centre @ Medini, we are committed to giving you the best care and treatment that we can provide. Our specialists are ready to answer any questions you may, explain the various treatments you will undergo for your complete understanding, and assure you of strict privacy and confidentiality. This commitment is partnered with providing you with your utmost respect and courtesy so that you can view us as not just your doctors, but also as your partner in your journey to having a family.

As our patients, you are entitled to a number of rights. In addition, we also expect certain commitments from you.

Patient’s Rights

As a patient at IVF Centre @ Medini, you have the rights to:

  • Be treated without discrimination as to your race, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ability to pay, or illness.
  • Be treated with dignity, fairness and respect and receive considerate and respectful care by competent personnel in a safe environment.
  • Be informed of the cause(s) of your infertility and available treatment choices.
  • Choose which (if any) treatment you will attempt, as long as it fits within the standard of care and the policies of practice at the Centre.
  • Determine how you would use your eggs, sperm and embryos.
  • Receive complete and current information concerning your diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in understandable language.
  • Change or withdraw your consent to treatment at any time.
  • Have questions answered within the limits of scientific or medical knowledge.
  • Participate in the informed consent process for any and all treatments and procedures (with the exception of emergency medical care). Change or withdraw your consent to treatment at any time.
  • To receive relevant, current and understandable information concerning their drugs and treatment.
  • The right to privacy during examination, procedures, clinical care/ treatment; and to know who is in attendance and the purpose of those in attendance.
  • The right to a second opinion or to have their care transferred to another doctor if they are not satisfied with the care or opinion provided.
  • Receive complete and adequate discharge instructions after treatment and expect reasonable continuity of care.
  • The right to request for your Medical Report and Medical Information.
  • To have all clinical and pharmaceutical records kept fully updated and relevant, information fully documented and personal details and records are kept fully confidential and protected from loss and misuse.
  • Have the ability to have your complaints addressed, and to receive an appropriate response.

Patient’s Responsibilities

As a patient at IVF Centre @ Medini, you have the responsibility to:

  • Be sure that you understand your proposed treatment, its success rate and the risks involved.
  • Cooperate with the physician and follow instructions given to you by staff of the Centre.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand instructions or information (do not guess).
  • Provide physician with accurate and complete history of your illnesses, hospitalisation, medications and other health-related matters.
  • Report any ill effects, unusual symptoms or events.
  • Give medications & injections as instructed and dispose of needles, and syringes, in a safe manner.
  • Treat personnel in the Centre with respect, consideration, and dignity.
  • Keep to scheduled appointments or give timely notice when cancelling an appointment.
  • Be patient when an appointment is delayed; keep in mind that an emergency may be taking place.
  • Be accountable for your own actions if you decide not to follow the Centre’s instructions and/or treatment plan and recommendations.
  • Be prompt in fulfilling financial obligations to the office.