Your First Visit

Preparations for Your First Visit

Your first visit will approximately take at least one hour. During the consultation, our doctor will obtain your medical history and background information on your previous attempts at pregnancy.

Some of the questions that will be asked of you include the following...
  • How long have you been trying to get pregnant?
  • Do you have any health problems that might interfere with your pregnancy?
  • Have you experienced difficulties in conceiving your other children (if any)?
Rest assured that all of this personal information will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.
When you come for your first appointment with our specialists, please bring the following documents:
  • Identification Card of Passport (if not a resident of Malaysia)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Past medical report (if available)
  • Appropriate means of payment for any fees due on that day
After the medical history taking, your doctor will recommend that you undergo fertility screening tests, which are usually a combination of blood tests and a pelvic ultrasound. These tests will enable us to determine the status of your fertility and identify any problems interfering with conception that require medication or surgery.

We will also require your spouse to submit a semen sample for sperm analysis. For your convenience and privacy, we have private rooms in our centre for the collection of semen samples. We advise our male patients not to have sexual intercourse for 3-4 days before collection in order to obtain an optimum sample.

The results of your fertility screening tests and semen/sperm analysis will be ready during your next consultation. On this follow-up consultation, your doctor will give you his/her full assessment and explain the treatment options that are available for your specific condition.

For patients outside of Malaysia or for international patients, we advise you to prepare to stay in the country for 3-4 days for a full evaluation. In addition to the above mentioned tests, we will include a Pap smear and AMH test, the results of which will be released in 1-2 weeks. Your doctor will send your results through email or other preferred means of communication. Again, all test results are kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

We hope we will provide you with a pleasant experience and excellent service and assistance during this, your personal journey, to parenthood.